IQF Cheese and Butter Range

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) cheese is designed for ultimate kitchen efficiency. All of our frozen cheeses maintain their premium fresh taste and texture for up to a year, they’re cost effective – as it limits waste- and they come pre-sliced, eliminating all of the prep work.

Breaded Cheese

Goat Cheese Medallions

A crisp breadcrumb coating gives these goat cheese discs a lovely complimentary texture with the melting goat cheese centre.

Goat cheese sticks

Coated in breadcrumbs, fried and frozen, these ready-to-cook goat cheese sticks are easy to use and perfect for dipping !

Raclette Fingers

With crunchy potato gratin. Add a French touch in your tapas party

Emmental Cheese Balls

With spicy and crunchy breadcrumbs. Thanks to this new IQF product you will enjoy tapas at any time !

Mozzarella Sticks

Easy to defrost and use, these crunchy coated mozzarella sticks are ideal for salads, starters or snacking.

Unripened Goat Cheese

Unripened Goat Cheese Slices

Deliciously smooth goat cheese with a creamy, clean, and slightly citrusy taste.

Unripened Goat Cheese Slices with Honey

Perfect sweet compliment to cut the saltiness of the goat cheese.

Goat Cheese Corks

New shape, 100% goat milk. A perfect ready-to-use ingredient for your salads.


Unripened goat cheese with a light taste and a smooth and fondant texture.

“Unlock the Gourmet Taste”


Pieces of creamy goat cheese with a strong and classic clean flavour.

Ripened Goat Cheese

Ripened Goat Cheese Slices

Discs of creamy full-flavored goat cheese with a delicate edible rind.

Goat Cheese Medallions

Our largest round cheese slices for more goaty taste !

Sainte Maure Slices

nripened goat cheese with a light taste and a smooth and fondant texture.


Matured for 9 days, these thick goat cheese rounds have a wonderful strong and clean goat milk flavor.

Cow Cheese

Cow’s Milk Cube

Creamy cow’s cheese cube

Cow’s Milk Cube with Garlic & Herbs

Creamy cow’s cheese with a delicate blend of garlic & herbs.

Brie Slices

This rectangular cheese is white and surface ripened; it has an even texture and a mild taste.

Camembert Slices

Rectangular slices of creamy and delicious Camembert with delicate edible ivory rind.

Taleggio Slices

Its taste is clear and slightly fruity. Its smell is strong and its texture is melting.

Blue Cheese Slices

A smooth blue cheese with slightly firm texture and a familiar blue tang.

Blue Cheese Cubes

Smooth and delicious blue cheese in handy cubed format perfect for pies, pizzas, salads and more.

Gorgonzola Crumble

The classic full-flavored Italian blue cheese made with pasteurized cow’s milk.

Mozzarella Slices

The exceptional stretching and melting properties of this creamy cheese make pizza perfection.

Mozzarella Rectangular Slices

The exceptional stretching and melting properties of this creamy cheese make pizza perfection.

Mozzarella Balls

Milky, soft, delicious and perfect for salads and other cold dishes.

Raclette Slices

Hard Cheese made using pasteurized cow’s milk, and is then matured for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Provolone Slices

Delicious semi-hard cheese with a smoky taste and soft texture and excellent melting properties. Easy to handle and prepare, it works well on a wide range of hot eating preparations.

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